Why Should you use Linux?

What is Linux?

Linux is a kernel that is built by thousands of developers world wide. Linux powers most of the internet. And if you have an Android device, the Linux kernel also powers your phone. Linux is related to a family of operating systems known as Unix. Linux did start off as the biggest open source project in the history of computing. It grew into what it is now today. When Linux was first being developed, it only had one developer, Linus Torvalds. Mr. Torvalds is a software engineer from Helsinki, Finland. Linus is also the founder of the Linux kernel.


Linux, unlike it's DOS based counterpart, Windows rarely contracts viruses. Linux is extremely secure for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons would be because it does not use executable files. Instead, it uses a package management system based on repositories that are maintained and developed by the Linux community. Linux being open source, comes with all the free software one could desire. There are a few exceptions to this rule, just about any application you can get on Window's or Mac, you can get a just as good free version on Linux.


Linux, along with having Advantages, has a few disadvantages. If you are a big time gamer, Linux is not the operating system for you. Game developers often leave Linux out when releasing new games. So very few games will run on Linux because of this.


Linux is completely free. With a few exceptions. There are a few Linux distributions such as RedHat that do charge you for their product. But other than that, Linux is 100% free.

Open Source Software

Open source software refers to software that is both free, and the source code of the software is accessible and visible. It also means you can modify, rewrite or market the software as your own. This allows for ultimate customizability. In the case of Linux and most software associated with Linux, both are open source, making both free.